Industrial Asset Performance made 10x easier

Digital tools to boost industrial equipment performance and longevity


A massive opportunity to reduce waste

One TRILLION dollars of obsolete spare parts lie gathering dust and rust in the inventories of manufacturers around the world. If it were an independent economy, it would be the 15th largest country in the world by annual GDP! Alarmingly for the planet, its also a lot of metal and plastic that are locked up, potentially never to be used by their owners while others are searching for the exact same part in a different company. Our mission at MachIQ is to make industrial assets perform better, last longer and remain safe at lower costs and we believe that journey starts with making information about equipment, their components and software accessible to all.

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Rapid resolution of unplanned outages

For manufacturers, every minute of operations counts! For the automotive industry, every hour can result in losses of over a million dollars. When customers call technical support helpdesks for help with an equipment outage, they spend too long explaining basic information about themselves, even before they can talk to an expert. Predominantly using a telephone, they spend a minimum of 2 hours to diagnose and resolve their issue. At MachIQ, we think the industry deserves better tools. We offer simple tools like chat, video calling, document uploads and screen-sharing which have been around for years. We’re also working to bring more advanced capabilities like augmented reality and artificial intelligence to simplify collaboration and achieve better outcomes, quicker.

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Transforming Big Data into Smart Data

At last count, there were at least 30 emerging IoT platforms for different industries and use cases. Integrating custom applications from different machine suppliers built on different platforms shouldn't be the customer's job. We help machine builders funnel only relevant information and alerts to their customer and make them available to the right person at the right time. Our open architecture, supported by API’s plays well with all platforms and we take care of the complexity to let you focus more on the outcome: improved asset performance.

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