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“The successful collaboration between GEA and MachIQ came down to the people involved in the process. The trust, commitment, flexibility and determination displayed by everyone on the team was first-rate.”

Kerstin Altenseuer, Head of Service Development, GEA

About MachIQ Software

Whether you are a machine builder or a manufacturer, equipment outages represent a massive risk to your brand and customer satisfaction. Our software products, Asset Performance Management (APM) for industrial sites and Digital Customer Experience (DCX) for machinery companies, make it possible to drastically reduce machine outages and cut-down on the duration of downtime of industrial equipment. To achieve this, we make collaboration between the two parties secure, symmetric and outcomes-driven for both. Our team of experienced, professionals are dedicated to your success in realizing the benefits of digitalization and will accompany you throughout your digital transformation journey.

Our solutions

For Industrial Plants

Asset Performance Management (APM) application is an intelligent Enterprise Asset Management software dedicated to manufacturing companies giving them the digital tools to ensure maximum equipment availability while reducing maintenance costs.

For Machine Builders

Digital Customer Experience (DCX) suite of applications is a full-stack MRO services platform. Our apps enable machinery companies to undertake their digital transformation in a step by step manner by digitalizing their install-base service activities.



2016 Platinum Prize Winner


2017 Startup Contest Winner


2017 Top 50 Swiss Startups

“MachIQ Software makes the process of identifying and interacting with specialists as easy as a few clicks.”

Basel Area Swiss

2018 Industry 4.0
Challenge Winner

Swiss Innovation Forum

2016 Movers & Shakers

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Latest job offers

Software Training & Support Executive

We are looking for a rigorous and detail-oriented person with strong communication skills to join our team in Wroclaw. Candidate will also be involved in software testing, to enable him/her/them to quickly learn and vet the software modules.

Skills : Experience in Training / Support, fluent in English / German

Location : Wroclaw, Poland

Senior Engineer – Full Stack

We are looking for exceptional, experienced Full-Stack Engineers to help build our software applications and platform and drive the delivery of the next generation of our company, continuing our journey towards building the Industry 4.0-driven business platform of the future.

Skills : Python, Django, Reactjs, Vuejs, Postgres

Location : Basel, Switzerland