«Machicians» at work

We are an international, result-oriented team comprising of engineers, project managers and business leaders with many years of domain experience in the manufacturing field. We are united in our passion for humans and machines. We are dedicated to our mission to make manufacturing more human-centric.

Our vision

“Industry 4.0 is more than just a technology evolution: in a few years, machine builders will transform their service business from simply selling spare parts to offering up their machines in a production as a service business model. This is the transformation that we want to enable at MachIQ Software.” – Roy Chikballapur, CEO

Our mission

We want to transform the Internet of Things (IoT) into an intelligent network of people and machines, leveraging human and artificial intelligence to achieve levels of asset performance and resource efficiency. We believe that no company can achieve this alone; that companies will need to collaborate with their suppliers, customers and peers to transform data into intelligence. MachIQ Software makes this collaboration secure, symmetric and outcomes-driven for all parties in our network.

Our team and our values

Roy Chikballapur
Co-founder & CEO

“PHDs” only

At MachIQ Software, our team comprises exclusively of “PHDs”: Passionate, Humble and Determined individuals.

Antonin Pevrol
Co-founder & CTO
Dr. Daniel Rohde
Director – Strategy & Digital Business Models


We embrace diversity of thought and celebrate our differences. As a team, we laugh a lot, support each other, dream big and love what we do unreservedly.

Radosław Zachar
Backend Developer
Jade Schnoebelen
Product Manager & Technical Sales
Louise Chikballapur
Financial and Administrative Manager


For us, a Machician is someone who wants to achieve the extraordinary, who lives to climb the highest mountains, to unleash his or her potential, daring to be intellectually honest.

Emma Pevrol
Director – Product & Delivery


We are a result-oriented team that values competence and a strong work-ethic.

Géraldine Delaplace
Content Manager
Olivier Lainé
Product Designer

Madhav Kuruppath
Customer Project Manager

Aleksandr Balagura
Full-Stack Developer
Yann Lischetti
Machine Learning Engineer

Axel Schmidgall
Sales Director

Board members

Roy Chikballapur
Peter Stähli
Karl Meier

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