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A collaborative platform for a shared 4.0 future

"Industry 4.0 is more than just a technology evolution; In a few years, machine builders will transform their service business from simply selling spare parts to offering up their machines in a Production as a Servicebusiness model. This is the transformation that we want to enable at MachIQ."

– Roy Chikballapur, CEO

Our mission is to transform the internet of things into an intelligent network of people and machines, leveraging human and artificial intelligence to achieve levels of asset performance and resource efficiency that is not possible by either one acting alone.

We believe that no company can achieve this alone; that companies will need to collaborate with their suppliers, their customers and their peers to generate meaningful data and useful insights to contribute to the entire ecosystem. MachIQ’s platform makes such collaboration fair, cyber-secure and outcome-driven for all participants.

The case for a collaborative approach

Shared Inventories

At last count there was over a Trillion dollars worth of obsolete spare parts locked up in industrial inventories across the world. We are building shared digital inventories and promoting an ‘on demand’ purchasing model to make industrial activity more resource efficient.

Predictive Maintenance

No one company produces enough useful IoT data to build reliable prediction models to anticipate equipment failure. We are a brand agnostic platform for machines and specialists and help machine builders and industrial plants to leverage each other’s data for better asset performance.

Shared Competence

Unplanned downtime costs more than a million dollars per hour in the Automotive industry. Our platform learns from everyone’s outages to ensure that they become less frequent and shorter by empowering our users with the tools and contextual information to fix outages rapidly.


We are an international team from diverse educational backgrounds, brought together by a shared hunger for learning, a passion for humans and machines, and a willingness to go the extra mile for our customers and teammates.

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Backend Developer

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