Maintenance performance

Our users spend less time at their desks entering data and more time on the shop floor inspecting and maintaining equipment. Our customers experience higher MTBF and lower MTTR rates while also providing a modern tool that their workers enjoy using.


Spare parts stock efficiency

Drastically cut your spare parts stock levels by proactively identifying parts in your inventory that are obsolete or no longer necessary. Share expensive and critical parts between multiple plants.


Cost of raising a Purchase Order

Digitalisingparts purchasing enables our customers to reduce approval times, order errors and manual data entry in order to reduce the cost of raising purchase orders. This doesn’t even include the potential cost savings generated by having a better visibility of the spend amounts per supplier.


Audit duration and effort

Going paperless (or less paper) with maintenance and repair activities enabled customers to find information easily and reduce the effort of compliance audits.

APM capabilities

Empower your technicians with up to date spare parts and equipment documentation at their finger-tips. Balance preventive and reparative maintenance by adopting a condition-based maintenance approach. Real-time analytics ensure that managers can monitor and mitigate business continuity risks from any part of their plants. Discover APM!

Asset Management

  • Asset performance analytics
  • Maintenance analytics
  • Documents & training
  • Reporting & decision support
  • Cost center management


  • Machine logbook
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Service scheduling
  • Remote condition-monitoring
  • OEM technical support
  • Sensor data visualization
  • Prescriptive maintenance

Spare parts

  • MRO e-purchasing
  • Lean inventory management
  • Smart consumption analytics
  • Service contracts management
  • Spare parts consumption and inventory analytics

With APM you can:

  • monitor and mitigate business continuity risks
  • know what you need to do to minimize downtime
  • anticipate upcoming purchases and plan

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Take the first step towards improving the performance of your capital assets and reducing your maintenance costs at the same time.