MachIQ APM: Asset Performance Management

Put the human back at the center of your plant

Our value proposition


Higher maintenance efficiency

Our users spend 15% less time at their work-desks entering data and more time on the shop floor inspecting and maintaining equipment. Our customers experience better asset performance at lower workforce utilisation rates while also providing a modern tool that their workers enjoy using.


Reduced spare parts inventory

Drastically cut your spare parts stock levels by proactively identifying parts in your inventory that are obsolete or no longer necessary. Share expensive but critical parts between multiple plants, reducing the need for each


Lower cost of raising a Purchase Order

Fully digitalising purchasing enables our customers to reduce approval times, order errors and manual data entry in order to reduce the cost of raising purchase orders. This doesn’t even include the potential cost savings generated by having a better visibility of the spend amounts per supplier.


Shorter audits

Going paperless/less paper with maintenance and repair activities enabled customers to find information easily and reduce the time and effort they need to perform hygiene and compliance audits by a third.

What if your machines could speak to you?

What if your machines could speak to you?

The factory floor is the final frontier where data quality and software usability issues persist and MachIQ APM addresses these two productivity killers.

MachIQ APM brings together alerts and data generated from automation systems, IoT implementations, as well as operators and maintenance personnel. What’s more, our AI-powered software goes much further than analytics dashboards, as it is constantly learning from the actions of our users and is able to recommend actions for better outcomes. This way, we take predictive maintenance to a whole new level.


We take cybersecurity and data privacy very seriously. Our solution is GDPR compliant not only for European users, but we apply equivalent best in class protection for users everywhere. Our software is architected by encrypted communications experts working previously in the defense industry and we are constantly enhancing the measures we adopt to protect our customer’s data.

User management

Each company manages its users by itself, thus eliminating suppliers and customers from having to track staff that are joining and leaving in the companies that they collaborate with. We also support SSO.

Authorization & Roles

We offer standard roles with preconfigured safeguards on all our different modules. We also work with enterprise customers to configure the right level of access for each employee groups in their company.


We have implemented 3 levels of encryption for data, complying with best in class standards: in transit, at rest and inter-service. Feel free to reach out to our experts to find out more.

MachIQ APM Capabilities

Asset Management: Everything in one place

Our web-based, mobile-friendly solution is accessible from anywhere by all the members of your team. On MachIQ APM, we enable our customers to bring together all the information and documentation they maintain on their equipment and their facilities. We make it possible for them to track the performance of their assets throughout their lifecycle. Plant Managers and Financial Controllers receive management dashboards relevant to their activities while for the maintenance team, MachIQ APM is the only tool that they will need to perform their work effectively.

Asset Management: Everything in one place

Smart Maintenance: Achieve Zero down time

Smart Maintenance: Achieve Zero down time

MachIQ APM makes it easy to schedule work orders and assign them to the respective specialists in the different maintenance teams based on their skill levels. What’s more, since it serves as a hub for operator- and machine- generated alerts, auditing maintenance activity has never been easier. Attach files and spare parts to maintenance activities so that your personnel arrive on the job well prepared with all the information and tools necessary to perform the task. What’s more, our intelligent software is constantly learning from user activity and connects alerts, machines, spare parts, expertise and other data points to proactively make maintenance recommendations.

Smart Inventory: Do more with less

MachIQ APM comes with powerful inventory management and ePurchasing capability that helps plants build leaner spare parts inventories and move to an on-demand purchasing model. With API’s that interface easily with popular ERP systems, MachIQ makes it easy for anyone in the maintenance team to create shopping carts of spare parts and submit them to their managers for approval. Our powerful algorithms constantly make sense of the spare parts data to recommend new purchases as well as identify the parts that you no longer need to retain in stock. Recent studies have shown that there is over 1 Trillion dollars worth of obsolete spare parts in inventories across the world. With MachIQ APM, you will be able to optimize your share of this massive waste of resources, and free up working capital.

The Offer

APM Foundation APM Enterprise APM 4.0
Data storage location
Data storage location EU-based data centers Configured at request
  Privacy regulations compliance
Privacy regulations compliance Compliance with GDPR from May 2018
  Access to new releases of software
Access to new releases of software
Invoicing Annual prepaid
Users Limit 20 Upto 100 N/A
  Max number of tags (Machines)
Max number of tags (Machines) 2000 10000 * Add-On to Foundation & Enterprise Plans
  Asset Documents management
Asset Documents management
  Spare parts inventory
Spare parts inventory
  Spare parts purchasing (Manual data entry into SAP & Upload PO for order processing)
Spare parts purchasing (Manual data entry into SAP & Upload PO for order processing)
  Interface with SAP & Other IT systems (Automatic data exchange with SAP)
Interface with SAP & Other IT systems (Automatic data exchange with SAP) x
  Support for external service technicians and suppliers (GEA)
Support for external service technicians and suppliers (GEA)
  Maintenance management
Maintenance management
  Multisite support
Multisite support x
  Documents storage
Documents storage 10 GB Unlimited
  Support for IoT
Support for IoT ✔* ✔* Included
  Technical Support
Technical Support Email Support only. Response in 24 hours Email, Chat & On-Call support during European business hours
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