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  • A sequential approach to data maturity – Equipment Data

    Machinery OEMs must start their digitalisation efforts by cleansing and structuring Equipment data. We explain the business rationale behind this approach.

    Posted by Rohit Chikballapur on September 25, 2019

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    Save the date and meet us at the CDO Aachen 2019

    MachIQ Software is a partner of the Convention on Digital Opportunities taking place on 13th – 14th November in the Smart Logistics Cluster at RWTH Aachen Campus. Dr. Daniel Sebastian Rohde, our Director Strategy & Digital Business Models, will be present to represent our company and our digital solutions dedicated to Industry 4.0. We are […]

    Posted by Alexandra Hoppe on September 24, 2019

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    Digitalising machinery companies: Starting with data

    This month, we have had great conversations about the service digitalization strategy of leading machinery companies in the Nordics. The companies we met generally fell into two categories – those whose digital plans were primarily about developing IoT-enabled service offerings and those that had a more strategic approach to serving their customers, across the entire […]

    Posted by Rohit Chikballapur on September 19, 2019

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    MachIQ at MassChallenge: Corporate Sponsors & the Sling Shot Effect

    It’s been close to a month since I first blogged about MachIQ’s experience at the MassChallenge Switzerland accelerator.

    Posted by Rohit Chikballapur on August 29, 2016

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    MachIQ at MassChallenge: Our first month in Switzerland

    July has been great for MachIQ – it has been exactly a month since we started at the MassChallenge accelerator in Lausanne.

    Posted by Rohit Chikballapur on July 25, 2016

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    Why we are building MachIQ

    Two years ago, I sat with the customer technical support team of a large machine building company...

    Posted by Rohit Chikballapur on February 1, 2016

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