MachIQ in numbers



Equipment with parts lists, drawings, manuals, wiring diagrams and more.

OEM Brands


Independent brands of equipment, components and spare parts.

Spare Parts


Unique spare parts SKUs hosted on the platform.


Connecting plants

We connect process manufacturers and their equipment suppliers through our software products in a digital ecosystem. Our software products enable manufacturers to make the most of their machines and allows machine builders to sell more services to a significantly larger part of their installed base.

We are the leading digital platform for asset performance management in the process manufacturing industry.

With MachIQ APM, we enable manufacturers to attain maximum asset performance, at lower costs.

With MachIQ Seva, we help Machine Builders reach and serve a wider cross section of their installed base.

Our SaaS products

Fast and easy maintenance
just, as it should be.

MachIQ APM (Asset Performance Management) is a Cloud-based Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).

MachIQ APM’s cutting edge capabilities enable process manufacturing facilities to achieve higher OEE by significantly reducing machine outages and increase the availability of their industrial equipment.

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MachIQ Seva
Offer your customers the highest service levels.

Seva is a cloud-based software suite for machinery companies and powers internal and customer interactions.

Access easy management of all your services related to your install-base via Seva’s capabilities, including:

  • Asset Relationship Management for install-base
  • eCommerce for spare parts and digital services
  • Remote support & mentoring via video-calling
  • Remote condition monitoring via IIoT

They trust us

Our guarantee: data security and platform independence

Operate with
total Peace of Mind
on our secure
& independent platform.

Many machine builders offer customer portals for their services. In process plants where there are dozens of different machine suppliers, it is risky, inefficient and stressful to use these customer portals.

Our mission is to make manufacturing safe, resource efficient and sustainable. Malfunctioning machines are unsafe, consume more energy and raw materials, produce goods of inferior quality and cost more to operate than those that are operated correctly and well-maintained. 

As an independent software company that is not owned by any industrial supplier, MachIQ Software is a neutral, brand-agnostic platform for all suppliers as well as all customers. Each supplier can serve their customers without the fear that competitors can see their confidential data.

“The successful collaboration between GEA and MachIQ came down to the people involved in the process.
The trust, commitment, flexibility and determination displayed by everyone on the team was first-rate.”

Kerstin Altenseuer
SVP - Service Product Management
GEA Group