"The successful collaboration between GEA and MachIQ came down to the people involved in the process. The trust, commitment, flexibility and determination displayed by everyone on the team was first-rate."

Kerstin Altenseuer, SVP - Service Product Management at GEA Group Tweet

Who we are

MachIQ Software is a technology company with a mission to help companies make the most of their machines.

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) products enable Industrial Operators to experience maximum asset performance at lower costs, and offer Machine Builders exponentially wider access to their install base on our platform.

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About APM Software

APM (Asset Performance Management) is a cloud-based maintenance management software. APM’s cutting edge CMMS capabilities enable process manufacturing facilities to significantly reduce machine outages and enhance the availability of their industrial equipment.

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About the Seva suite

Seva is a cloud-based software suite for machinery companies, powering their digital field services activities in the post-Covid19 era. Seva enables remote services in a world where online-interactions will replace many in-person meetings. The capabilities offered include:

  • Asset Relationship Management for install-base
  • eCommerce for spare parts and digital services
  • Remote support & mentoring via video-calling
  • Remote condition monitoring via IIoT

MRO Platform

Achieving high asset performance requires spare parts, consumables and tools, as well as access to expertise for diagnostics & repair.


Our ePurchasing capability is fully integrated into our maintenance software and connects process plants, machine builders and MRO service companies, directly and securely.

Our dedicated customer success team will assist you to make the digital transition as smooth as possible.

All you need to make the most of your machines.

They trust us

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