Make the
most out of
your machines

MachIQ APM is a Cloud-based Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).


APM can be accessed from anywhere, with any browser on a PC or tablet.

The challenges that we solve for
plant managers and owners

Lack of Trained & Experienced Technicians

“Very few good technicians want to work in maintenance these days.

It is difficult to make sure that our technicians have the knowledge to diagnose and solve the different kinds of problems we get with our machines.”

  • CEO of a leading European meat processor

High Cost of Machine Breakdowns

 “When our critical machines fail, sometimes, it can take days for them to be repaired. Often, we are just waiting for information.”

  •  Head of Maintenance at a Top 5 German dairy

Inefficient Spare part inventories

“We do not master our inventory – we have too many items but at the same time, we never find the parts that we need when we need to perform a maintenance job.”

  • Head of Maintenance at a Swiss chocolatier

Painful audits

 “I am always stressed about audits. We follow all the rules of course but with our current tools, it is a lot of effort to find the paper work to prove to the auditors that we have complied.”

  • Owner of a Dutch vegan foods company

High Purchasing costs

“We are not disciplined with our purchasing – the process cost of the purchase is sometimes more expensive than the item we are purchasing! And what’s worse, we rarely get a good price for the parts because of this.”

  • Purchaser at a Top 5 German dairy

MachIQ APM - A capability-rich maintenance & MRO purchasing software

performance-analyticsCreated with Sketch.
Performance analytics

Access real-time asset performance analytics. Set targets and receive notifications to track maintenance and equipment performance.

preventive-maintenanceCreated with Sketch.

Maintenance management

Schedule maintenance for any equipment and with just a few clicks, set rules to trigger repetitive work orders automatically.

documentation-managementCreated with Sketch.

Documentation management

Upload files (manuals, certifications, training videos, etc.) related to your machines. Go paper-less for plant maintenance.

spare-parts-catalogueCreated with Sketch.
Spare parts catalogue & purchasing

Maintain parts list for each machine. Synchronize with suppliers for price & availability and to download quotes.

inventory-managementCreated with Sketch.


inventory management

Attach parts to maintenance work to automate stock management. Connect APM to your ERP to trigger purchase orders automatically when stock-levels are below minimum.

field-servicesCreated with Sketch.

Service, repair & overhaul planning

Coordinate with service suppliers without ever-leaving your APM system. Integrate service reports into machine history automatically.

iot-predictive-maintenanceCreated with Sketch.

Remote condition monitoring

Connect IIoT-sensors, PLCs and SCADA systems to APM to visualise performance data and trigger condition-based maintenance tasks.

compliance-supportCreated with Sketch.

QHSE & regulatory compliance support

Easily implement F&B and process industry regulations as well as QHSE standards and checklists. Save audit trails on machine history to demonstrate compliance.

workforce-planningCreated with Sketch.

Workforce management

Coordinate the work planning of maintenance technicians across teams. Use Kanban to easily track overdue work orders.

MachIQ APM delivers strong business outcomes





Up to 15% improvement in maintenance performance (MTTR & MTBF)

Up to 10% improvement in spare part stock turn

Up to 25% reduction in spare part order process costs (up to €30 per PO)

Up to 35% reduction in duration of maintenance audits (IFS, FDA, etc.)

How it works

MachIQ APM offers companies the ability to have all their plant personnel on the same software collaborating securely, with defined permissions.


Users can create, schedule and complete maintenance tasks with just a few clicks each and easily keep track of the performance of the plant’s assets.

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  • Synchronize parts lists, price & availability information for easy purchasing.
  • Get updated documentation, drawings, user manuals, certificates & training videos.
  • Receive support via video calls from machinery suppliers for remote diagnosis and repair advice.

Connect to the
'service portals' of
top machinery brands
for digital services

  • Consume remote monitoring and predictive analytics services.
  • Receive alerts and maintenance advice without the hassle of logging into different supplier portals.

We are the solution
for a post COVID-19 world

Maintenance technicians can avoid unnecessary human interaction as all equipment documentation can be accessed on a tablet.

Plant managers can access real-time alerts and up-to-date plant analytics while working from home.

Maintenance managers can offer fast troubleshooting and response to operator generated alerts from distance.

Maintenance technicians can reduce their onsite presence to a strictly “as needed” basis with our Kanban-based scheduling & planning.

As APM is not license-based, access and contribution is open to all users, relying on administrator-set permissions.

Operate in a secure environment

cyber security

3-tier Data Encryption for maximum security.

Operating system

Works on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Linux.

access control

Detailed permission settings for each user.


Interfaceable with ERP systems as well as MES & SCADA systems via Web APIs.


European-level data privacy and advanced user rights management.


Accessible to any current browser, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, from any device (desktop, tablet).

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