Seva for machine builders

MachIQ’s Seva suite is a turnkey digital after-sales solution that extends investments companies may have already made in  SAP & Microsoft ERP & CRM products. Our cloud-based suite enables machinery companies to offer digital services like eCommerce, remote condition monitoring, remote video-based support, etc. to their customers.

Seva also addresses the challenge of data-silos in customer service offerings by enabling employees engaged across install-base services: order-desk employees, technical support personnel and field service engineers, to work on a single data platform.

Companies that choose Seva enjoy faster time to value. Our software works out of the box with minimum customisation and offers faster time to market.

Our open architecture and API’s allow clients to integrate any of their legacy applications that they wish to retain: including existing web-shops, remote monitoring/IoT infrastructure, help-desk and ticketing portals into Seva to make the most of their existing investments.

MachIQ Seva in numbers

60% shorter time to value

Our clients see first inquiries come in within weeks of starting to use Seva. Seva is intuitive and simplifies customer/user training. As a result, deployments are faster.

Sell more: 100% catalog coverage

Expose updated parts lists, supplies and parts-kits catalog for every equipment in your install-base. Make it easier for customers to order original parts.

Up to $150 per sales order

Reduce the effort to generate quotes, saving up to 75% in sales order processing costs, by automating the handling of RFQs with interfaces to SAP/ERP systems. On your clients side, enable them to place orders 24/7 while also eliminating data entry errors.

Increase install-base services by 30%

Identify end-users that buy through indirect channels and execute targeted marketing campaigns for after-sales services. Acquire new customers.

Reduce help desk workload by 50%

Automate responses to delivery status requests. Automatically

connect customers needing technical support to the right expert without a help-desk screening.


Satisfied customers, happier employees

Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) by intervening remotely via video to support customers during emergencies. Reduce onsite travels for field service engineers.


A software suite for the MRO service business of the future

Asset Relationship Management

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Asset information management

Upload machine documentation (certificates, manuals, drawings, training videos). Build a Knowledge Management hub for service teams.

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Install-base management

Mature service processes rely on updated install-base data. Master as-sold vs. as-is information with ease in order to drive service growth.

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Obsolescence management

Easily replace obsolete spare parts with current ones and automatically share updated spare parts lists with only the customers who are affected.

A digital channel for MRO services

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eCommerce for spare parts

Offer updated parts lists, supplies and parts-kits catalog for every equipment in your install-base. Make it easier for customers to order original parts.

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Remote services via video-calling

Improve engineer utilisation and deliver higher SLA-assurance with our video-calling. Offer time-based billing and specialised service contracts and reduce th costs of on-site services.

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The connected enterprise

Connect to ERP, CRM & PLM systems and automated data exchange on critical entreprise processes to break open data silos, not just inside the company but with customers as well.

A channel for advanced digital services

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Remote condition monitoring

Manage your IIOT platform, its data ownership and user rights securely between multiple parties for the Industry 4.0-services of your install-base.

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Custom-built service applications

Build your own applications, powered by our APIs – accessing install-base data, customer transactions, service history, condition monitoring data and more to power your predictive and prescriptive services. Deliver them to your customers on our platform.

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Stay in touch with your customer

Connect with the MachIQ APM maintenance software of your customers and get real-time access* to the condition of your machines in their plants, recommend maintenance activities and follow-up with them on asset performance-related initiatives.


*determined upon agreement from both parties

Is your Services business ready for the post Covid-19 world?

Can you respond to customer quote requests in minutes even with your order-desk employees working from home?

Can you respect your service contract SLA’s when your service personnel are not able to travel to customer locations?

Do you master your install-base data well enough to anticipate customer needs in a business context with fewer personal meetings?

Benefits of connecting your e-commerce platform to the MachIQ Platform

We recognise that many companies have already invested heavily in building their own eCommerce capabilities. This doesn’t prevent us from working with you to help your customers make the most of your machines. Plug your eCommerce systems to the MachIQ Platform to enable our users to download quotes and order parts from you.

Our platform enables you to reach more customers to sell more services.

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