Why MachIQ?

2 factors determine the success of Industry 4.0 deployments – a business-case driven approach and the availability of people with experience in digital technologies as well as the MRO & industrial services business. The team at MachIQ Software combines a solid grounding in both, the industrial ecosystem of vendors and automation technology as well as the challenges of integrating different IT systems and rolling out software and processes. Our products reflect our commitment to making change management easy and deployment projects value-driven, inexpensive and pain-free.

With MachIQ, you can be assured that it won’t be a multi-year deployment project that may or may not succeed.


"The successful collaboration between GEA and MachIQ came down to the people involved in the process. The trust, commitment, flexibility and determination displayed by everyone on the team was first-rate."

Kerstin Altenseuer, SVP - Service Product Management at GEA Group

Our software plugs you into an entire ecosystem

The architectural foundations of MachIQ’s software is collaboration. Collaboration between people of the same company as well as between customers and suppliers. Collaboration, also between humans and machines.

The maintenance activities in industrial facilities drive the service business of their equipment suppliers and MRO service suppliers.


MachIQ APM, our maintenance software is a fully functional software with all the capabilities to enable the maintenance activities of process manufacturing facilities of all sizes. But our ‘super-power’ is the fully integrated marketplace for original spare parts from machinery companies as well as OEMs. APM users can not only buy spare parts and supplies, but also reach out to providers of repair and outsources maintenance services for the consumption of digitally-delivered services.


MachIQ Seva users who use the software for their services business are liberated from the need for building and rolling-out “customer portals” where their customers can connect and transact with them. They instead deliver their services directly inside the maintenance software of their customers and are better integrated with the customer’s maintenance & purchasing process.

We are loved by some of the biggest brands

Our software powers the MRO services activity on equipment that process 50% of the world’s beer, 25% of the world’s processed milk and 30% of the world’s instant coffee and chicken nuggets. Watch the video to learn how our partnership with GEA has resulted in MachIQ becoming the largest multi-brand MRO services platform in the F&B sector.

We are neutral & open to all industrial brands

By design, our technology and our business model enable our customers to connect with all their customers and suppliers without hidden costs or technical lock-ins. We recognise that a typical factory represents an install-base of hundreds of different brands. No one single “customer portal” or “purchasing network” can serve the needs of all customers and suppliers. Industry 4.0 requires openness, and by choosing our software, whether APM or Seva, our customers are ready for the future.

As a member of the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance, we also commit to making it seamless to integrate our software with digital solutions and data services provided by other members. MachIQ is the only software you will need to make the most of your machines – from any Open Industry 4.0 Alliance member.

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