March 16, 2022

New solution for Energy and Sustainability Management

Swiss technology startup MachIQ  is releasing a Performance Management solution for Energy and Sustainability Management for current and future customers. The software solution will aid companies in making their production more energy efficient and improve their energy controlling and usage. The company has been working on these capabilities alongside existing customers for the past 6 months and has deemed the capabilities mature enough to make it generally available to all industrial customers. Energy efficiency has become an urgent concern, especially for companies in Europe with upcoming sustainability  regulations in the EU in the coming months, finding quick and effective solutions is the key. 

MachIQ and its APM Software are delivering this solution with a variety of valuable features in March, which can help manufacturers convert their production to be more efficient with their electricity and gas usage. Adapting an entire plant with new hardware in a few short months to comply with the new regulations is costly and time-consuming, which is where the MachIQ APM Software shines. APM is all about collecting data from the machines of a plant, tracking its patterns with an attention to detail and identifying where improvements can be made. 

The data a company’s processes and assets produce is critical information when it comes to energy usage and MachIQ APM’s has been designed to consolidate this data, coming from meters and sensors, and find patterns in consumption that can be improved upon to regulate energy usage in a more cost-effective and climate friendly way. "The matter of energy efficiency has become so urgent that companies no longer have the time to undertake expensive, months-long projects to cut energy consumption.”, says Roy Chikballapur, CEO and co-founder of MachIQ, “At MachIQ, we are releasing smart energy and water management capabilities to help companies reduce consumption in a matter of weeks. The tools are fully integrated into our asset performance software and leverage the same IoT capabilities that companies are already using." Tracking everything through one programme, like MachIQ APM, means no detail goes unnoticed and changes can be made faster and more efficiently, which is vital with a deadline such as the one coming from the EU in 2023. 

With this launch in March of 2022, MachIQ is delivering a much-needed solution in a time when efficiency is of essence. The APM Software with its variety of useful features is the answer to making manufacturing more energy efficient. 

Energie and Sustainability Management

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