MachIQ APA for Machine Builders

MachIQ APA for Machine Builders

Maximum Asset Performance is the foundation of your business. Every day, your customers are betting on your technology and your reactivity to ensure that their plants achieve new productivity levels. Plant outages and downtime are a major threat to their business. Your after-sales teams are expected to respond rapidly to customer needs. MachIQ’s Asset Performance Assurance (APA) suite empowers your Service teams to treat your customers like VIP’s. Our APA suite offers the following capabilities:

eCommerce for Spare Parts & Supplies

Customers often complain that their suppliers take days to respond with quotes for spare part orders. MachIQ’s eCommerce capability helps your customers identify the parts that they need without the involvement of your personnel. Global pricing, availability and delivery estimates can be managed within the system. Migrating from telephone/fax-based order processing to your own eCommerce portal on MachIQ can reduce the time to quote to a matter of seconds. MachIQ’s open architecture means that you can build interfaces to your existing systems and manage all this information from your ERP/CRM systems. Our eCommerce capability is tailor-made for the machine building business. We support configurators for components and toolings, thus making sure that you can automate most of the order processing. Additionally, our analytics enable new relationship models with your customers, including Vendor Managed Inventories.

Modern Customer Support Tools

Are you still using phone lines for customer support? Are you relying on the expertise of your field services engineers to diagnose and resolve complex issues with your machinery? MachIQ APA comes integrated with state-of-the-art tools for customer support including chat, video calling, screen-sharing and file-sharing. We are also working on integrating tehnologies like Augmented Reality to drastically reduce the need for onsite interventions by Field Services engineers. We also offer a knowledge-management tool, built with cutting-edge semantics technology that offers an effective replacement for FAQs. Your End Users can access it in self-help mode to diagnose many minor issues and drastically cut the load on your call centers.

Field Services Scheduling

It is not only possible to offer Annual Maintenance Contracts for sale on our eCommerce portal, but with our integrated tools for Field Services scheduling, your customers can easily request interventions and schedule a visit from your Field Services teams. Having an integrated view of maintenance activities carried out by customer staff as well as your service personnel creates a 360° view for scheduling regular and emergency services as well as understanding the general health of your customer’s equipment.

Support for Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

You’ve fitted your machines with sensors and have created digital infrastructure to harvest data and predict failures. What happens after you have your prediction ready? Do you still need to identify and call the individual in charge of maintenance of the specific equipment at your customer’s plant? Expecting your customer to visit your website to view alerts is unrealistic because most factories have equipment from over 30 different suppliers. MachIQ’s open, brand-agnostic Asset Performance Management (APM) tool is free for your customers. All you need to do is to configure that our system receives the alerts from your IoT systems, we take care of the rest. What’s more, we also deliver cyber-security alerts for industrial software and automation equipment and notify users when patches are available. This way your customers are always one step ahead of all asset performance related tasks with contextual information provided to the right person at the right time.

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