MachIQ APM for Asset Performance Management

MachIQ APM for Asset Performance Management

MachIQ works with machine builders to offer a full digital experience for their customers to maintain their equipment. The following capabilities roundup the full spectrum of plant maintenance activities on MachIQ’s APM tool.

Industrial Asset Management

List all your industrial assets and manage their evolution throughout their lifecycle in your plant. Maintain certificates, catalogs and other documents on the platform in a dedicated and secure space.

Spare Parts & Supplies Inventory Management

We convert BoMs and data from your existing spare parts database into an open format that makes it easy for you to communicate with your suppliers and across plants to maximize uptime while reducing working capital allocation on spare parts.

Maintenance Scheduling

Schedule routine maintenance tasks based on recommendations from your machine builder. Also allow Operators to signal issues with any equipment on our Digital Logbook, making it easy for your maintenance staff to track potential risks and fix issues before they happen.


Wouldn’t it be easier if your purchasing process was directly linked to your supplier’s sales process? When you start using our APM tool with one of your machine builders, that’s one of the benefits we’re delivering to both sides.

Cyber Security & Preventive Maintenance Alerts

For software and automation components that you declare on our APM tool, MachIQ pushes alerts when new cyber-security threats emerge, enabling you to locate patches and fixing flaws before issues emerge. We offer the same service for connected equipment. Our open architecture enables us to integrate with your machine builders cloud services to bring all your alerts to one hub for maintenance.

One-Click Access to Customer Support

Connect with your supplier’s technical support team over chat and video with just a single click. Emergency issues get resolved much faster this way.

Our APM tool supports equipment from all machine builders. However, the advanced services including maintenance alerts, remote customer support and ePurchasing can only work when we have machine builders on the MachIQ platform as well. For this reason, we generally do not offer this tool to manufacturers directly.
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