Spare Parts & Consumables

Handle Spare Parts
& Consumables

Optimise inventory to avoid stock outs with just in time purchasing

inventory accuracy

APM allows you to work with up-to-date inventories. You have the possibility to link the parts to be used directly to the work orders and to report how many parts you have used when closing the interventions. This way the inventory is updated and you can consult the stocks at any time.

In addition, stocks can also be updated automatically when you buy parts from your suppliers* directly from APM.

*Please note that these suppliers must first use our SEVA software and be able to use the e-commerce function.

Features used:

  • Automatic update.
  • Reporting of used parts in WR/WO.
  • Automatic update of stocks following the purchase of loose parts from APM.

Avoiding stockouts
& excess stock

Over- or under-stocking should no longer be a problem. You have the possibility to define minimum and maximum storage limits for each item so that you can plan your purchases and organise stock management more easily.

Features used:

  • Possibility to set maximum and minimum stock levels.
  • Attachment of parts to equipment: Recommended parts lists.

warehouse's organisation

The multitude of functions allows for a significant optimisation of the organisation of your factories. One example is the generation of QR codes to recognise each item. The scanner allows you to directly access the detailed information sheet of the part and find out, for example, to which equipment it is attached.

Features used:

  • QR code generator for spare parts & supplies.

How APM helps?

Manage maintenance

Manage preventive maintenance from any device thanks to APM cMMS

Report tasks

Technicians and production managers can easily report tasks that need to be addressed through work requests directly from the landing page

Manage tasks easily

Checkboxes make signalling and listing tasks much easier

Save time

Saving time thanks to a tool that makes collaboration between teams much more fluid thanks to the Kanban listing all the maintenance activities of the company.

Manage activities

Easy scheduling and closing of maintenance activities

Analyse performance

Easy analysis of the status evolution and performance of each equipment thanks to equipment analytics

Impact you get using MachIQ APM


Higher asset availability

Improvement in maintenance performance (MTTR & MTBF)



Higher energy efficiency

20% reduction in electricity consumption in standby mode


Leaner parts inventory

Improvement in spare parts inventory stock turn


Time saved on audits

Simplified compliance with an easily searchable, digital audit trail.

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