The MachIQ Platform

The MachIQ Platform (Free Tier)

The MachIQ platform is a free of charge service for manufacturers, machine builders and industrial distributors to securely manage information related to production equipment, components and spare parts. Our goal is to simplify spare parts transactions between manufacturers and the suppliers of spare parts by aligning the terminology and parts references of buyers and sellers.


can create the ‘digital twin’ of their entire factories on the MachIQ platform.

  • Declare your equipment (model, manufacturer & serial number)
  • Upload your spare parts catalog and other documents (manuals, wiring diagrams, etc.) for the equipment
  • Upload and manage your spare parts inventory as well as purchasing on MachIQ

Key Benefits

Achieve a lean inventory

Simplify purchasing

Be cyber-secure

Machine Builders

can start their journey to full Industry 4.0-readiness by taking their first step with MachIQ. We provide solutions for every step of your Industry 4.0.
With the free service of the MachIQ platform, Machine Builders can:

  • Create digital twins of the individual equipment and lines that they sell
  • Include the spare parts catalog and other documents for each equipment/line
  • Make this information securely available to the customer of the equipment

Key Benefits

Digitize & Simplify Customer Experience:

Improve spare parts profitability

Reduce support calls

Industrial Distributors

can list the items that they sell by connecting MachIQ to their eShop or uploading their catalogs on MachIQ. We make it easy for manufacturers to buy from you by aligning their inventories and procurement processes with your stocks. Contact us to discuss how we can get started