Why MachIQ?



Our “pay as you go” SaaS model and flexible pricing plans significantly reduce upfront costs. To address the problem of high costs as a major initial obstacle, we offer our software on the cloud, eliminating capex investments in licenses and servers.

Achieve maximum effectiveness with minimum customization and a shorter time to value, thanks to our dedicated focus on MRO in the process manufacturing industry.



Improve user productivity and business outcomes without the need to replace existing systems, by integrating our software to ERP and CRM systems. We position ourselves at the centre of the IT/OT interface and ensure that data flows seamlessly in both directions.

We are open to connecting with the customer portals and eCommerce systems of any supplier, as we are an independent software company that is not owned by any legacy machine builder.


We are obsessed with product simplicity and ease of use. Our intuitive interface and our onboarding services make your adoption of MachIQ software rapid and painless.

We are loved by some of the biggest brands

Our software powers the MRO services activity on equipment that process 50% of the world’s beer, 25% of the world’s processed milk and 30% of the world’s instant coffee and chicken nuggets. Watch the video to learn how our partnership with GEA has resulted in MachIQ becoming the largest multi-brand MRO services platform in the F&B sector.